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EzTV666 USB Receiver & Low-Cost Software Defined Radio (SDR) - Realtek RTL2832U + Elonics E4000-Based SDR

EzTV666 USB Receiver & Low-Cost Software Defined Radio (SDR) - Realtek RTL2832U + Elonics E4000-Based SDR Rating:
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Product Description

Yes, these are REAL E4000-based SDRs! We managed to obtain some stock in very limited quantities, so order while they are still available! For those who are unaware, the maker of the E4000 integrated circuit, Elonics, went out of business years ago. As a result, E4000-based USB sticks are very hard to find. There are plenty of unscrupulous sellers selling 'E4000' or 'E4000-upgrade' SDRs, but every one that we know of are just selling other tuner chips to unsuspecting customers. Thankfully, you won't have that problem with NooElec :) Since these contain an Elonics E4000 tuner IC they have a very large tunable range of about 64-2300MHz (exact tuning range varies by device). They have BAV99 (labelled A7t) for ESD protection on the antenna input, so there is less need to worry about burning out your SDR front end. These SDRs contain an RTL2832 (RTL2832U) USB interface IC, which means it is compatible with any software which works with the RTL-SDR library. The connector type of the USB SDR is female MCX, and the antenna, of course, male MCX.


  • RTL-SDR, compatible with most major SDR software packages!
  • Frequency capability of approximately 64-2300MHz
  • Frequency range can be expanded down to 300kHz with our Ham It Up upconverter
  • IMPORTANT: This device CANNOT be used to receive OTA television within North America which uses the ATSC standard.
  • This device CAN be used within North America and anywhere else as a low-cost software defined radio receiver with the appropriate software.

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